MaK M 20 C Diesel series engine

The M 20 C was developed and designed for the special requirements of marine applications and is characterised by high reliability and economy. The following features explain the unbroken strong market demand for the M 20 C. The M 20 C has been developed and designed to meet the special requirements of marine applications. The long-stroke design principle is the basis for an excellent combustion process with low fuel and lubricating oil consumption and low NOx emissions. The M 20 C engine complies with SOLAS regulations. Its intelligent simplicity enables a high functional integration of fewer components. Fewer components mean higher reliability and easier maintenance. All in all, this results in exceptionally low operating costs and a quick return on investment. Reliability and easy maintenance are convincing arguments for the engines of this series.

MaK M 20 C

Introduced in 1992 the M20 engine is the smallest MaK engine of the engine programme with a bore of 200 mm and a stroke of 300 mm. This type is available as an inline version with 6, 8 and 9 cylinders. The output ranges from 1,020 kW (6M20C) to 1,710 kW (9M20C) at 900 and 1,000 revolutions per minute.

    • Charging system with a high air excess: Turbocharger casing without water cooling. Safe and reliable.
    • Cylinder head: Increased reliability due to integrated media ducts.
    • Cylinder liner with anti-wear ring: Long component life with a piston removal interval of 30,000 h under heavy fuel operation.
    • Exhaust pipe: Flow optimized pipe design for quick load acceptance.
    • Engine block: Firm base for main and camshaft bearings due to inherent rigidity.
    • Engine control stand: All control functions arranged directly on the engine.
    • Cooling water ring: Intensive cooling of the cylinder liner where cooling is needed.
    • Camshaft: The camshaft is, as built, equipped with vibration dampers.
    • Piston: First ring with chromium ceramic-plated running surface.


Engine centre distance: 2010 mm
Removal of cylinder liner:
in transverse direction: 1910 mm
in longitudinal direction: 2085 mmNozzle position:ask for availability
Engine with turbochanger at free end available, ask for dimensions


  • kW 1020 - 1710
  • rpm 900 - 1000
  • bore 200
  • stroke 300
  • g/kW 186 - 190

MaK M20 and M20 C Diesel series engine

The marine diesel engine division, manufactured by MaK and its predecessor companies since 1920, was taken over in 1997 by Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc. in 1997. Since then, the production of medium-speed engines with the MaK logo has taken place with increasing turnover and unit numbers. A prestigious recent project was to equip seven cruise ships of the Sphinx class with four MaK 9M43C engines each. The ships were put into service between April 2007 and March 2013 with media impact.

We are specialized in the procurement of spare parts for MaK diesel engines series.

Deutz 413 Diesel series engine





Maschinenbau Kiel (MaK) was a traditional manufacturer of marine diesel engines, diesel locomotives, diesel railcars and tracked vehicles, which was split into several individual companies in the 1990s. Following the takeover of the marine engine division by Caterpillar Inc. into the wholly-owned subsidiary Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG, Caterpillar determines the current face of the former MaK, which is still popularly referred to as such and is an important employer in the Kiel region.

In 1959, after an initial crisis, the company was taken over by Bremer Atlas GmbH, which belonged to Hugo Stinnes GmbH, and converted into a limited liability company. In 1964 MaK and its parent company were taken over by Krupp and traded under the name Atlas-MaK Maschinenbau GmbH. Following restructuring in 1971, the company was renamed Krupp-MaK Maschinenbau GmbH.

In 1992 the manufacture of locomotives was combined with other companies in the group to form Krupp Locomotives, sold to Siemens in 1994 and renamed Siemens Schienenfahrzeugtechnik (SFT). This subsidiary was sold by Siemens to Vossloh AG on October 1, 1998, renamed Vossloh Schienenfahrzeugtechnik (VSFT), and since April 23, 2004 has operated under the name Vossloh Locomotives GmbH. The Vossloh locomotives from Kiel have the abbreviation MaK in their vehicle type designation.


Deutz 413 Diesel series engine

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