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With our experts in common-rail technology in all regions and markets around the world Bosch is always close to its customers. This local presence enables Bosch to respond to customer wishes efficiently and satisfy the specific requirements of each market with tailored solutions.This is supported from our global development and manufacturing network.

The single-cylinder pump system ensures excellent mixture preparation and combustion of fuel with specific high performance, which can support compliance with emission guidelines and a reduction in fuel consumption. A PF pump with a mechanical nozzle holder assembly is used for each engine cylinder to inject the fuel mixture. Due to robust design, the single-cylinder pump system can be operated with a large selection of fuel types.

The single-cylinder pump system has been a proven injection system for many years. It comprises nozzle holder assemblies with injection pressures up to 1,800 bar and mechanically controlled single pumps which are powered by the camshaft for the engine's valve controller and are therefore referred to as "Pumps with external drive“ (PF).

Each engine cylinder is equipped with a PF pump fitted with a pump element that can be used to regulate the injection quantity via a control edge. The nozzle holder assembly is selected to match the delivery rate, spray form and injection pressure.

Bosch offers special dual-fuel ignition/injection systems and gas admission valves for gas-operated engines. These systems ensure the reliable ignition and outstanding combustion of gas/air mixtures with specific high performance. Gas is a low-cost fuel that ensures extremely efficient engine operation and can also contribute to reducing particles and nitrogen oxide emissions.

The company’s MCRS, or modular common-rail system, features an integrated high-pressure accumulator. The system provides major fuel savings compared to mechanical injection equipment, and can therefore dramatically cut the cost of operating these machines.

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